2017 April Website

OCBS April Speaker is Ken Harper

Self-admittedly a full time part time fisherman. Nearly all free time is found on the water.

Weekends and summer vacations where fondest memories were fishing as a kid turned into that lifelong pursuit of the allusive and mythical fish of a lifetime.

Ken grew up in Rocky River and fished for bass, panfish, and walleye till late teens and did not discover steelhead until the early 80’s. Steelhead weened Ken off of Bass and Walleye in a hurry. Steelhead fishing quickly became a life-long pursuit that’s lead to a crazed obsession that makes keeping life in balance a juggling act. Thanks to a loving and understanding (probably more than he) wife and a blessing of twin boys it’s difficult not to thank the lord above. Dozens of “sick” days, thousands of fish, broken reels and rods, dozens of leaking waders, rusty cars, white knuckle rides, sleepless nights, and at least a couple hundred thousand spawn sacks later, the magnificent obsession roles on.

Although Ken has caught hundreds of steelhead on hardware and flies, he is primarily a bait fisherman whose focus has been discovering and learning seasonal behavior and trends of migrating Lake Erie steelhead from Early September to Late May and adjusting presentations given the water conditions. From gin clear warm water with no flow in early September to high off color cold water in winter there is not a water condition that Ken has not tackled.

Ken is intimately familiar with most Ohio waters having caught steelhead in about nearly every ditch flowing into Lake Erie. Family life has kept Ken closer to home but other Great Lakes steelhead trips have been mainly to those states bordering Ohio including Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania within a few hundred miles of home base.

Summer had left an emptiness after the steelhead bug caught hold by the late 80’s. After reading about Indiana’s summer run steelhead; it was then a relatively short trip across the border that another fix which far exceeded local warmwater species was discovered; The Indiana Skamania Steelhead. A couple trips a summer for more than the past couple decades have more than cured the itch.

Aside from steelhead fishing, Ken is an avid float tuber and can be found on local reservoirs many summer weekends bass fishing. Other passions include local sporting events, salt water fishing, and most outdoor activities.

Ken currently resides in Parma with wife Jackie, sons Dominic and Alex, and a Super-Sized Mutant Golden Retriever Corona.




Congratulations to Ken Harper First Place winner of the OCBS 2016-2017 Championship Series Steelhead Tournament. Ken’s largest six fish total measured 162.00 inches.
Phil Hillman captured second place with six fish totaling 160.25 inches in length. Adam Hillman placed third with six fish measuring 158.5 inches in length.
Champ Series              
6 LARGEST FISH              
AS OF 9 April 2017              
Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Length
Harper Ken 25.50 27.50 27.00 28.50 27.00 26.50 162.00
Hillman Phil 24.00 24.00 31.25 28.00 27.50 25.50 160.25
Hillman Adam 24.00 24.00 30.00 29.00 27.00 24.50 158.50
Rhoades John 24.25 28.50 27.50 24.50 24.00   128.75
Smoggie John 26.75 24.00 29.00 28.50     108.25
Telep Justin 25.50 25.25 27.00 27.00     104.75
Rigo Will 26.00 24.50 24.00       74.50
Bryda Chris 27.00 27.00         54.00
Blotzer Tom 27.50 24.50         52.00
Krause Tom 26.50 25.50         52.00
Cradock Dave 25.50 25.00         50.50
Hillman Zach 24.00 25.50         49.50
Annandono Mike             0.00
Beedlow John Jr             0.00
Casey Monte             0.00
Charief Joe             0.00
Esner David             0.00
Fronck Jon             0.00
Kilbane Marty             0.00
LoSchiavo Gene             0.00
Moratta Al             0.00
Moravec Joe             0.00
Ober Les             0.00
Palmer Mike             0.00
Reynolds Rick             0.00
Singleton Larry             0.00
Smith Rob             0.00
Smoggie John Sr             0.00
Vaughan Brad             0.00
Vidmar Dennis             0.00
Wahl Andy             0.00
Wahl Bill             0.00




The April Leg and final leg of the OCBS Steelhead Tournament was held on Sunday 9 April 2017. A sunny day with temperatures in the high sixties. All the major streams were blown out due to recent rain events and snow melt from heavy snowfall two days earlier. All streams held good numbers of fresh and dropback steelhead, but high flow rates and limited visibility forced anglers to concentrate on smaller creeks and ditches.

A total of 9 fish were checked in by 5 tournament anglers. All fish were caught in the Eastside  streams.

Congratulations to Phil Hillman who placed 1st with two fish totaling 53 inches in length.  Adam Hillman and Ken Harper tied for 2nd place and John Rhoades placed 3rd.                                                                                                

CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES  STEELHEAD TOURNAMENT                                                      

 9 Apr  2017  LEG RESULTS                                                     

                                          FISH       FISH     TOTAL

#                Name               #1         #2       LENGTH

1             Hillman Phil         27.50     25.50     53.00

2             Harper Ken          26.50     25.00     51.50

3             Hillman Adam     27.00     24.50     51.50

4             Rhoades John     24.50     24.00     48.50

5             Hillman Zach       25.50                    25.50

John Beedlow

Tournament Director



The March Leg of the OCBS Steelhead Tournament was held on Sunday 19 March 2017. A overcast day with temperatures in the middle thirties. The majority of streams were in good shape with water temperatures in the low thirties. The major tributaries had good runs of fresh fish in them giving anglers plenty of action earlier in the week.

A total of 22 fish were checked in by 11 tournament anglers fishing both the East and Westside streams.

Congratulations to Phil Hillman who placed 1st with two fish totaling 59.25 inches in length.  Adam Hillman and John Smoggie  placed 2nd and 3rd with two fish each totaling 59 inches and 57.50 inches respectively.

STEELHEAD TOURNAMENT  CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES                                               

19 Mar 2017 LEG RESULTS                                                       


                                         FISH       FISH      Total                

#                Name                #1         #2     LENGTH

1             Hillman Phil         31.25    28.00     59.25

2             Hillman Adam     30.00     29.00     59.00

3             Smoggie John     29.00     28.50     57.50

4             Rhoades John     28.50     27.50     56.00

5             Harper Ken          28.50     27.00     55.50

6             Bryda Chris          27.00     27.00     54.00

7             Telep Justin         27.00     27.00     54.00

8             Blotzer Tom        27.50     24.50     52.00

9             Krause Tom         25.50     26.50     52.00

10           Cradock Dave     25.50     25.00     50.50

11           Rigo Will              24.50     24.00     48.50

The fifth and final Tournament leg will be held Sunday 9 April 2017.  Be sure to mark your calendar and plan on fishing the April 2017 Leg.

John Beedlow

Tournament Director