February 2017

This February is the OCBS Annual Steelhead Workshop








Come join us in an evening of education, comradery and fun. This month’s meeting is one you do not what to miss, the meeting is focused around getting to know your follow members and education. No matter if you have been running up and down the rivers for twenty plus years or just getting started in the game, you will lean something new. We will have eleven learning stations set up around the room covering everything from 101 spin to near shore lake trolling, throw in some fly tying and anything to do with the fish that we love. See you all soon!

Jeff Liskay

Workshop Stations

Basic Fly Fish & Rigging

Basic Spin Fish & Rigging

Center Pinning A-Z

Switch & Spey

Destination Central: Planning a Road Trip?

Near Shore Trolling Tactics

Metro Parks: Steelheading Opportunities in the Metro Parks

Go to Steelhead Fly Patterns

Tube Fly Patterns

Healing Waters Cleveland

Realistic Fly Patterns

Raffle & Prizes

Membership Dues are Due

If you have not sent in your membership dues for 2017, please do as soon as possible. your dues allows our club to support the newsletter, website, dspeaker fees, club activities such as kids day progeram and much more.Plus we enjoy your company!

Just go to the membership pageof this website, copy the form and bringit and your dues to the February meeting. The other option is to send a check to our P.O. Box.  Thanks for your partiipation, we could not do what we do without our great club members.



Just a reminder that anyone fishing Ohio Waters will need a new 2016 Ohio Fishing License as of MARCH 1st! Don’t get caught without one. Go to the ODNR website for locations that sell licenses in your area.



Next OCBS Tournament Date:

The Forth Tournament leg will be held Sunday 19 March 2017. Be sure to
mark your calendar and plan on fishing the March 2017 Leg.
John Beedlow
Tournament Director

Click the below link for the tournament overall stats

2016-2017 Champ Series Overall Stats Sorted




27 November 2016 LEG RESULTS 

The November Leg of the OCBS Steelhead Tournament was held on Sunday 27 November 2016. A partly sunny day with temperatures in the high forties.  The western tributaries were running low and the eastern streams were high with limited visibility from recent rain events. Despite poor stream conditions a total of 10 steelhead over 24 inches in length were checked-in for the tournament. The majority of fish were caught in small feeder streams (Ditches).

# Name #1 #2 LENGTH
1 Harper Ken 27.50 27.00 54.50
2 Telep Justin 25.50 25.25 50.75
3 Hillman Adam 24.00 24.00 48.00
4 Hillman Phil 24.00 24.00 48.00
5 Rigo Will 26.00   26.00
6 Hillman Zach 24.00   24.00

Congratulations to Ken Harper who placed first with a two fish total of 54. 50 inches in length.   Justin Telep and Adam Hillman placed second and third respectively.

The Third tournament leg will be held Sunday 18 December 2016.  Be sure to mark your calendar and plan on fishing this November.
John Beedlow
Tournament Director



       30 October 2016   27 November 2016     18 December 2016

                      19 March 2017                  9 April 2017


EAST SIDE                                           WEST SIDE

Harbor Bait & Tackle                  Erie Outfitters

786 Richmond Street                             5404 E. Lake Road

Painesville, Ohio 44077                        Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054

(440) 354-8473                                      (440) 949-8934

Signup sheets will be available at the September 2016 membership

meeting for those members who want to participate in this season’s

steelhead tournament.

Entry fee: $15.00 per participant.

Be sure to consult the Tournament Rules posted on the OCBS website.

John Beedlow

Outing Director