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The Officers and Board Of Directors  would like to wish you and your families a Happy,

Healthy and Safe New Year! We have many plans for the coming new year and hope

you can be part of the fun. Good luck on the rivers and streams this spring.


 Our January Speaker at the Firehouse is Wael Dardir

Wael Dardir Alaska Salmon 2015  Wael Spent a week in Alaska this past summer he will share the interesting details of his trip with us at the January 28th 2016 membership meeting at the Firehouse Resturaunt. Meeting starts at 7:30pm.

What better way to enjoy the end of January that at an OCBS Meeting with intersting speakers and friends. We hope to see you there!




The third  leg of the Championship Series Steelhead Outing has been held with many fish which fell short of the 24 inch minimum length requirement.  A tough day on Steelhead Alley. More fish are coming into the rivers now as the lack of rain this fall has slowed the run. Now after all our rain, there should be many opportunities for steelhead from now, on into the spring. Below are the winners of the first three legs of the series. Two more to go, so good luck to all!

 Championship Series

1 Nov 2015 1st Leg Results

#                     NAME                 Fish #1          Fish #2           Total Length 1                  Tom Krause              25.25”                 –                   25.25”

22 Nov 2015 2nd Leg Results

2                  Rob Smith                26.50            24.50                   51.00

20 December 2015 3rd Leg Results

3                 Beedlow John Jr         25.50            26.25                  51.75

The Current standings has Phil Hillman in the Overall Lead, followed closely by Rob Smith and Dennis Vidmar. With two spring dates to go things always change. Good luck to all!

Hillman Phil 25.50 25.00 27.00 24.25 101.75
Smith Rob 26.50 24.50 24.50 24.50 100.00
Vidmar Dennis 25.50 24.00 24.00 24.50 98.00

John Beedlow Outing Director


OCBS Championship Series 2015-2016 Changes

The OCBS Board of Directors would like to announce changes to the 2015-2016 Steelhead Outing Program. The Club was unable to find a sponsor for the Fly Fishing Outing therefore it will be canceled this season. Fly Fisherman are encouraged to participate in the Championship Series Outing which will be expanded for from three to five monthly legs as. This change offers greater fishing opportunities and allows for a total of 10 fish to be entered into the end of series raffle. A total of two steelhead 24” or greater in length can be checked-in for each outing leg; however only 6 out of a possible 10 fish will determine the overall winners.
Due to limited sponsorship the Outing’s entry fee will be $15.00 per participant. The more people that participate in the event the more substantial the prizes will be for the end of series drawing.
As a minimum the winner of each monthly leg will receive an OCBS plaque engraved with his name. The overall first place winner will receive an OCBS sterling silver belt buckle in addition to an engraved plaque. The second and third place overall winners will each receive an engraved plaque.
The end of series drawing will be held at the April 2016 General Membership Meeting. Each Outing participant will receive a raffle ticket for signing up. An additional raffle ticket will be earned for each fish checked-in during the series. A total of 11 raffle tickets can be earned. (Entry fee ticket, plus up to 10 tickets per fish checked-in.) This year’s raffle prizes will be determined by the number of members participating in the outing. As a minimum the end of series drawing will consist of $100.00 worth of gift certificates. The more members that sign up the greater the number of gift certificates. All funds generated through entry fees will be utilized for awards and raffle prizes. A 100 percent return to outing participants.


1 November 2015,  22 November 2015,  20 December 2015

20 March 2016,   3 April 2016


EAST SIDE                                                          WEST SIDE

Harbor Bait & Tackle                                           Erie Outfitters

786 Richmond Street                                           5404 E. Lake Road

Painesville, Ohio 44077                                 Sheffield Lake, Ohio 44054

(440) 354-8473                                                   (440) 949-8934

Signup sheets will be available at the September 2015 membership meeting for those members who want to participate in this season’s steelhead outings.   You can also sign up at the Rodmakers Shop in Strongsville.

Entry fee: $15.00 per participant.

Be sure to consult the steelhead outing rules which are posted on the OCBS website.

John Beedlow Outing Director 7-9-2015