The Ohio Central Basin Steelheader (OCBS) club was founded in 1984 as all clubs are founded, by a few individuals who had a common interest. In this case the common interest is steelhead trout.

The club worked hard promoting steelhead and educating fisherman – they were on a mission. The state already was geared up and had implemented their Ohio Steelhead stocking program prior to the club’s existence, but not in all river systems. The London hatchery raised the first London Steelhead fingerlings for Ohio’s major four major river systems.

Our Future
Our club still supports the original club’s mission and today we have greater challenges even to be able to fish. With more and more fishing pressure, land owners are posting their property, there is not enough public access to rivers and current accesses are being closed.

OCBS has a great relationship with our state and continues to support their goals and objectives and introduce them to a few of ours. Continuous involvement with them helps to insure the steelhead stocking program is here tomorrow and for future generations to come.

My Voice
If we are united everything is possible at the state level and if we are not – budget cuts and program like ours will be first on the list. Unfortunately it’s all about numbers and numbers speak loud. Yes, you are very valuable when it comes to making changes in our state. If you belong to club great, if you don’t – join a club now, even if you are unable to get involved.

Stocking Program
The state discontinued the London program, a Fall Steelhead, in favor of implementing their Castalia Manistee program, a great Spring Steelhead that has proven to be a favorite among the Steelheaders communities.

The state stocks 400,000 steelhead in its river systems which is governed by the Great Lakes Counsel. In a joint effort, PA and OH both stock Conneaut Creek which has allowed ODNR to expand their stocking program to include the Vermillion River.

How this was accomplish was trimming the number of fingerlings being stocked in Conneaut Creek by OH. Subtracting the number of fingerlings being stocked by PA and slightly reduce the stocking numbers of the remaining OH rivers and stocking them in the Vermillion.

That’s It!

For OCBS, much work still needs to be done. Your part is easy, simply join a fishing club. OCBS of course would like to have you as a member, please consider joining our club and efforts. If OCBS is not the club for you, please join another fishing club today.

Please read on, but…Do it NOW… we need and appreciate your support!

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Our club has partnered with STS magazine and worked out a deal great deal for our members. Membership renewals and New Members a like have the option of getting a STS magazine subscription at a great price, only $18.00. This is a saving of $14.95 off the normal subscription cost of $29.95.

You get both the STS magazine and OCBS Single Membership for $43 or a Family Membership for $53. This is win! win! for you and definitely is a get deal.

Included in your membership:

  1. Monthly membership meetings with great speakers
  2. On-river seminars
  3. Club Tournaments
  4. Participate in club activities such as our Club Picnic, Christmas Party, Steelhead Expo, Steelheaders Work Shop, Kids and Handicap fishing day, River Clean-ups and more
  5. Opportunity to get involved in club projects
  6. Meet steelheaders with your same interests
  7. Learning opportunities

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and share lifetime experiences in pursuit of the magnificent steelhead.

Support Sport Fish Restoration
Support Sport Fish Restoration